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Boosting female leadership and empowerment


We teamed up with AVIS to developed an e-learning platform to build female leadership in the non-profit sector through workshop series and webinars.

services provided
UX/UI Design
Web Development (full-stack)
Video Production (live action)

The project

Growing and empowering female talents in the third sector

Even in the non-profit world, where female presence is wide, leadership and decisional roles are usually held by men. AVIS, the italian national blood donors association, decided it was time to build a platform where female talents can grow and become leaders. Women working in a non-profit organisations can take part in different training courses, exploring topics such as philoshophical mentorship, digital storytelling and empowerment andemotion-driven leadership, all led by inspiring female experts. Furthermore, the webinars delve into themes such as active participation, gender gap and inclusive language. We supported this project designing an organised and interactive platform, enriched by inspiring and warm illustrations.

How we did it

With an initial co-design workshop we explored the user journeys, informing us on the UX design of the platform.
We tackled the web design of the platform with a clear goal: creating an easy-to-navigate and appealing platfrom.
We made the whole experience more human and warm with inspirational illustrations, in line with the project identity.
Teachers and instructors

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