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A user generated content campaign to #protectmyMed


We helped WWF Med to spread awareness about the environmental risks for the Mediterranean Sea, through the universal symbol of protection: a mask.

services provided
Creative Concept
Augmented Reality
3D Design
Video Production (live action)

The project

A user generated content campaign to #protectmyMed

WWF works for the protection and recovery of the outstanding Mediterranean Sea, a shared asset of marine resources and an incredible opportunity for the socio-economic relaunch of the whole region. We designed a colorful and engaging Instagram AR Filter to support their struggle to protect the echosystem, the animals and the people from climate change, pollution, overfishing and many other threats. Anyway can wear the #protectmyMed mask, anyone can be part of the change.

How we did it

We designed an AR filter that could be applied on everyone face and deliver a clear message.
We crafted a 3D mask and a 2D colorful frame that could work as an augmented reality filter for videos and pictures.
We asked WWF Med follower to “wear” the mask and post stories at the seaside, to show their support in site.

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