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Animal Rights

The battle to grant animals the same rights as humans.


We built a new donation page for NhRP's website with the goal of driving a higher number of people to donate in support of their unique and vital work.

services provided
Front-end Development
UX/UI Design

The project

Challenging the legal thinghood of autonomous nonhuman animals.

The Nonhuman Rights Project is leading the legal fight to secure fundamental rights for nonhuman animals through a state-by-state, country-by-country, long-term litigation campaign. Their groundbreaking habeas corpus lawsuits demand recognition of the legal personhood and fundamental right to bodily liberty of individual great apes, elephants, dolphins, and whales held in captivity across the US.

With the support of world-renowned scientists and other experts, they argue that common law courts must free these self-aware, autonomous beings to appropriate sanctuaries not out of concern for their welfare, but respect for their rights.

How we did it

We took NhRP's fonts and conveyed them into a proper typographic system that could reflect more order and trustiness.
We made a full new set of graphic assets (buttons, color and font usage). More appealing, more clickable, irresistible.
We helped them sort the lots of ways to help that they offer in a clear and accessible structure.
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