We are always on the lookout for creative-minded talent.

So: we are young, or - like - newborn. This means we are growing, and you will probably contribute to it.
We believe in knowing our sh#t and we believe in creativity. We don't believe in fixed roles that much, but they are sometimes needed. We work hard, we rest hard. And in all this we try to leave, with each project, a small dent* in this world of ours.
*a positive dent, that is

Still want to be a part of this?

We keep a secret vault, and in the secret vault lays a rolodex.
The rolodex can hold a very limited number of cards, making every card ever more precious. Each card holds the contacts of one of the professional freelancers we love to work with.

We only ever keep a roster of 5-10 freelancers per role.
If you think you'd be a perfect fit for our rolodex us, we'd love to hear from you. See if any of the positions below fits you, or feel free to send a spontaneous application.

By the way, location:

In this moment we would prefer to hire collaborators in the Brussels region.
But feel free to apply if you live elsewhere. Quality over Geography!

Senior Creative Developer

You know Javascript. Vanilla, of course.
You might have used React, Vue or Angular in the past, and can't wait to put your hands on a similar project again (or for the first time).
You know the in's and out's of CSS and HTML in a browser, which means things like performance, loading speed, transitions, animations and browser quirks.
You love your smartphone and just as much, you hate websites that feel weird on a phone.
You know PHP and are familiar with MySQL, and you probably got your hands dirty with Wordpr#ss.
You may have experience with more modern, hipster technologies such as Node, serverless, Now, and "the Cloud".
You definitely know what you know, but you also know what you don't know, and figuring things out never scares you away.

But most importantly, you can follow a project from A to Z with an independent and proactive attitude.

Junior Creative Developer

All of the above, but more as a career goal than a starting point.
We will be happy to mentor you if you are the right person!

Ps: the proactive attitude requirement stands.

Senior UX/UI Designer

You have empathy for the client, and for the users.
You design pretty things.
You probably know a little HTML and CSS, but at least you have a good idea of how the web works.
You know how to prototype with tools such as Invision or Figma.
You don't use Photoshop.
You know a lot about User eXperience, user flows, Information Architecture.
If the situation arises, you could use a junior person to help you out on a project, and possibly mentor him/her as well.

Oh, yeah: you have an independent and proactive attitude.